dotConnect for MySQL Professional Crack 9.2.0 Full Version

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dotConnect for MySQL Professional Crack 9.2.0 Full Version

dotConnect for MySQL Professional Crack formerly known as MyDirect .NET, is a complete solution for developing MySQL-based database applications using enhanced ORM-enabled data providers built on ADO.NET technology. Multiple innovative technologies are incorporated into the architecture and development framework. DotConnect provides a complete solution for developing database-related applications and websites. As a result of its Entity Framework and LinqConnect ORM solutions, it introduces new approaches for designing applications and enhances database application productivity.

A new approach to designing application architecture is introduced, productivity is boosted, and database applications are leveraged. A development framework with several innovative technologies is supported by the tool, which supports Entity Framework, NHibernate, and LinqConnect (formerly known as LINQ to MySQL)NET architectures. As it uses state-of-the-art ORM solutions such as Entity Framework and LINQ to SQL, it introduces new approaches for designing applications and boosts productivity.

dotConnect Universal is based on ADO.NET technology and can be used in the same way as the SQL Server .NET Data Provider. The main feature of dotConnect Universal is an access to multiple database servers at the same code. With dotConnect Universal it is possible to avoid writing conditional code for different providers or using ADO.NET interfaces directly. dotConnect Universal implements full support of design-time development and integration with IDE, which allows to reduce development time greatly.

dotConnect Universal doesn’t implement database specific access layer for all databases, it uses native ADO.NET providers and depends on their functionality. The Professional Edition of dotConnect Universal includes bundled data providers for Oracle, MySQL and PostgreSQL (see diagram below). For all other servers you need a native data provider.

Key Features:

  • Direct Mode: This allows your application to work with MySQL directly via TCP/IP without involving the MySQL client library.
  • Role, Session State, Membership, Profile, Site Map, and other ASP 2.0 providers.
  • Enterprise Library: This can be used in conjunction with Microsoft Enterprise Library Data Access Application Block.
  • BIS: Enables Integration Services to export and import data to/from MySQL servers.
  • Monitoring: Allows per-component tracing of database events with a free dbMonitor application.
  • Compatibility: Supports MySQL servers from 3.23 and higher on .NET and .NET Compact Framework 2.0 and higher and Mono.
  • Ability of monitoring query and stored procedures execution
  • Advanced design-time editors
  • Easy migration from SQL Server, OLE DB, ODBC and Oracle Data Providers with Migration Wizard
  • Help integrated into Visual Studio .NET and Borland Delphi

dotConnect for MySQL Professional Crack

System Requirements:

For Windows 7
For Windows 8
Windows 8.1
Windows 10

Serial Keys:

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License Keys:

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